Anthropology | Bioanthropology:A History of Ideas
B310 | 27731 | Cook

Above class is an Arts and Sciences Intensive Writing section

This is a course in the history of physical anthropology.  We will
discuss the emergence of this field as an academic discipline,
emphasizing the careers of prominent scholars and their contributions
to theory.   This is also an intensive writing course.  We will stress
writing in a style appropriate to journals in anthropology and other
social and biological sciences.  You will write four short 5-8 page
essays  and a final paper.  The final paper is a longer biography of a
physical anthropologist active in the first half of the twentieth
century.  You will present this project orally to the remainder of the
class during our final two weeks of class.

For the first 14 weeks I will lecture on aspects of the early history
of anthropology.  Readings for this portion of the course will be on
ERESERVE.  They are listed on the schedule of topics with a
complete reference, and you may prefer to do some of the readings in
the main library.  Please do the readings by our second of the week in
which they are assigned.  I will give quizzes on the readings if
people aren't prepared to discuss them in class.  Expect 50 pages of
reading per week.

Before October 15, please meet with me individually to discuss your
choice of subject for the biography assignment.  We will set a date
for your presentation to the class on this person during the last
weeks of class.  You should choose a physical anthropologist active
between 1900 and 1950 as your subject.  If you are interested in a
particular research question, I will help you identify a suitable
subject who contributed to your area of interest.  You should read
your subject's publications as extensively as you can.  Include your
subject's education, employment, major research projects, and
contributions to theory in your paper.

1.  Class participation, exercises, and quizzes on readings   10%
2.  Paper on Edward Tyson 15%
3.  Paper on Samuel Morton 15%
4.  Review of Schiller: Paul Broca 15%
5.  Critical review of a topic or theme important in the work of your
biography subject 15%
6.  Biography of a physical anthropologist 30% Oral presentations of
the biography project are due during the last week of classes and
during our scheduled EXAM WEEK meeting. You should prepare a one-page
summary of the career of your subject to distribute to the rest of the
class on the day of your oral
presentation.  You may use slides, transparencies or Power Point in
preparing your talk.  The written version of your final paper is due
by 5 pm. on the Friday of EXAM WEEK.

Landau: Narratives of Human Evolution
Brace:  Race is a Four Letter Word
Wolpoff and Caspari:  Race and Human Evolution
Shipman: Evolution of Racism
Harraway: Primate Visions
Barkan: Retreat of Scientific Racism
Wiber: Erect Men, Undulating Women
Jahoda: Images of Savages
Tanner: History of the Study of Human Growth Buikstra and Beck:
Spencer: History of American Physical Anthropology
Spencer: Physical Anthropology: an Encyclopedia (REFERENCE ROOM)

I will grade papers with equal weight on STYLE, FORM, CONTENT, and
ANALYSIS.  You need to do well on each to earn an A.  You may revise
and resubmit any of the first four papers if your initial grade is a B
or C.  Resubmissions must be turned in before finals week, and must be
accompanied by your first draft.