Anthropology | Proseminar in Bioanthropology
B500 | 27733 | Vitzthum

This seminar focuses on the theoretical models that are the foundation
for investigating the evolutionary history and adaptations of the
human lineage and other primates. Topics include the action of
evolutionary forces, classification and phylogenetics, species
concepts, life history theory, reproductive ecology, and concepts of
adaptation and human adaptability, among others. Guest speakers will
include faculty in anthropology and other departments. Emphasis will
be placed on student development of critical thinking and reading
skills, especially in the assessment of primary literature, and
academic writing skills. This course is required for first year
bioanthropology graduate students and also open to interested graduate
students in anthropology and other departments. The course material is
geared to those with a solid basic knowledge of bioanthropology and
biology. This course requires a significant amount of reading,
writing, and participation in class discussions. Prerequisites:
Permission of the instructor.