Anthropology | Islam in the Balkans
E400 | 21269 | Trix

Islam came to the Balkans in the fourteen and the fifteenth centuries
with the Ottomans and spread across the peninsula of southeastern
Europe. In this class we study the history of Islam in the Balkans,
from the gradual conversions of local people, the political and
cultural heights of the Ottoman Empire, to the decline of the Ottoman
Empire, the growth of ethnic-based nation states, and the relegation
of most Muslim communities to minority status. This history is best
understood through study of the cities of Edirne, Salonika, and
Sarajevo, and the place of Balkan Muslims in the Ottoman Empire. We
also study the forced migrations and expulsions of Muslims from the
Balkans in the 19th and 20th centuries, culminating in the wars in
Bosnia and Kosova in the 1990ís. Finally we draw on anthropological
studies of Muslims in the Balkans in recent times for questions
relating to gender and the ongoing negotiation of Muslim identities.