Anthropology | Prehistory of Midwestern U.S.
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This course is a look at the histories of people who lived in the
Midwestern United States from the arrival of people on the continent
through European conquest. From Hopewell to Mississippian, the Midwest
was the center of some of the most important and interesting cultural
developments in pre-Columbian North America. For example, did you know
that Indiana has great mounds and earthworks built to create sacred
landscapes, or that events in Indiana helped shape legislation to
protect cultural resources across the US? Or that the first city in
North America was built in Illinois 1000 years ago? Interactions of
pre-Columbian peoples, histories, landscapes, ideologies, cosmologies,
technologies and art, will be examined through site reports, case
studies and films in developing an understanding of the pre-Colombian
people of the Midwest.

Evaluation will be based on two multiple choice exams and a short
paper on a case study that interests you.

There is no textbook for this course, readings will be available as
PDF’s on oncourse.