Anthropology | Space, Place and Landscape
P600 | 27781 | Alt

This course is intensive look at different ways of thinking about
space and place. We will engage with ideas from philosophy, geography,
architecture, critical theory, anthropology and more to develop
understandings of how interactions of people, places and the built
environment both intentionally and unintentionally create specific
sensibilities. Although we will have an archaeological view point the
concepts are applicable to many different consideration of the
spatiality of human experience. We ask how space shapes us, and how we
shape space, what are architectures of power, or what constitutes
sacred spaces?  Can the built environment encode inequality, or foster
communalism?  Can space ever really be empty?
This course is a seminar; therefore we will read widely and discuss
ideas and theories.  Although there will be a small lecture component,
this class is specifically developed to encourage understanding
through group discussion and the evaluation of the theories of space,
place and architecture. We will also take a few short excursions on
campus to experience the effects of place and space ourselves, and
watch films. Our focus then, is on critical thinking, and the
exploration of multiple points of view. This class will not tell you
how to think about space, but will provide you with the foundations to
develop your own framework of understanding.
Course Evaluation will be based on short writing assignments based in
class activities, readings, and films as well as a final paper on a
topic of your  own choosing.
Readings: PDFs available on Oncourse and in the text
Text: The Anthropology of Space and Place by Setha Low and Denise