Anthropology | Artifacts of Meaning
P600 | 27782 | Pyburn

This course will explore a variety of concerns in the contemporary
study of material culture in sociocultural anthropology and
archaeology.  These will include issues such as the ways in which
objects are used to construct national, cultural, and gender
identities, the tensions in the relationship of commodities and
objects classified as art, and the social life of things. This course
is a graduate seminar with either Cultural Anthropology or Archaeology
1. This course is organized as a seminar and your preparation of
readings, regular attendance, and participation are required.
2. Each student will be responsible in turn for an abstract to be
presented in class at the time the reading is due and should be put up
on Oncourse and copies distributed to everyone. The number of
abstracts you will do depends on the number of students in the class.
3. A research paper is due on the last day of class. The topic should
be related to your personal research interests and a brief description
of what you want to do should be handed in the third week of class.


Class participation and abstracts will account for about half your
grade and the paper will be the other half.


There is no textbook for this class. All the readings will be
available on oncourse.