Biology | Intro to Biol lecture: From Conception to Birth
L104 | 10901 | Berndtson, A

Course Description:  This course is designed to explore the first
nine months of human development - beginning with gamete production
and fertilization (conception), continuing throughout pregnancy
(gestation) and ending with the birth of a baby (parturition).  This
course will focus on the interactions between the mother and the
developing fetus during their nine-month journey together, and
discuss how hormonal, nutritional, and environmental conditions
within the womb can affect the health of the newborn.  The major
concepts covered will be:  Gamete Production, Genetics and
Development, Fertilization and Implantation, Placental Function,
Embryonic and Fetal Development, Sex Determination, and Labor and
Birth.  Grades will be based on three semester exams, weekly
quizzes, and four class activities.