Biology | Topical Issues in Biology: Preventing Cancer
L410 | 16394 | Bender, A

BIOL-L410:  Preventing Cancer

The general topic of this course is published studies and
experiments concerning causes of and risk factors for cancers, and
the main objectives are to improve your inquiry and analysis skills
concerning such research.

There will be little to no traditional lecturing.  Much class time
will instead be used for small-group and whole-class discussion,
particularly for discussion of experiments and studies that students
have identified as being particularly interesting and/or important

At the top of the following webpage are links to syllabi used in
recent versions of BIOL-L410:  The
syllabus for the spring, 2010 version of BIOL-L410 is similar to the
syllabus that will be created for fall, 2010, except that the focus
for the fall, 2010 course will be research concerning prevention
(rather than concerning treatment) of cancers.

Students are expected to work at least 4.5 hours outside of class
each week for this course.