Biology | Endocrinology Lab
Z469 | 30497 | Berndtson, A

Biol Z469 Endocrinology Lab:  Dr. Amy Berndtson instructor. This
laboratory course is designed to examine methodologies used to study
the endocrine system.  Specifically, we will conduct five hypothesis
driven experiments that utilize molecular, cellular and whole
organismal techniques to investigate the roles that different
hormones play in maintaining homeostasis.  The major topics covered
will be: Chemical nature of hormones and common techniques used to
measure hormones in the laboratory; hormone receptors and the
mechanism of action of hormones within target cells; role of
hormones in the maintenance of body tissues and organs; role of
hormones in diseases; and effects of endocrine disruptors on
development. Students will write four lab reports, complete five
quizzes and an exit exam, and present one group presentation over
their lab results.