Collins Living Learning Center | Comics as Memoir
L100 | 31723 | Emilee Mathews

How are comics so popular as pleasure reading, and yet so sought after by scholars as fodder
for their methodologies?  This class will take as its purview comics, webcomics and graphic
novels from the last decade or so, and investigate the themes and meanings of each.  We will
look at memoirs, discussing issues of time, space, memory, liminal zones, and culture
through the intersection of image and text.  We will also use scholarly articles, showing the
rich field of scholarship that has sprung from comics.  For assignments, students will write
weekly responses to the readings, write a compare and contrast paper, and undertake an
independent project with a presentation.  We will also take several field trips, including
Boxcar Books, Microcosm Publishing, and the Cartoon Research Library in Columbus, Ohio,
and have several guest lectures by local scholars and artists to enrich the learning