Collins Living Learning Center | A Not So Foreign Affair
L210 | 20848 | Olivia Landry

"A Not So Foreign Affair": Entertainment, Propaganda and Rivalry from Hitler to Hollywood

From military propaganda to romantic comedy, to hate propaganda, and political parody, this
course aims to explore the multifaceted ways in which different film genres have been
utilized to serve political and social ideologies on a national scale.  The focus will be on films
produced during the WWII period, on the one hand, under the Nazi regime and, on the other
hand, in Hollywood.  This transatlantic framework will provide a rich scope for comparing
and contrasting how cinema can function both implicitly and explicitly as a mode of
propaganda.  Not only will students engage with the provocative world of German and
American cinema of the period, but they will also have the opportunity to think critically
about the complexities of film as a unique artistic and mass medium and thereby begin to
acquire essential film analysis skills.