Collins Living Learning Center | Love and Its Philosophy
L210 | 31538 | Chris Tillman

We often think of love as an intense emotional feeling one has towards another person,
something one can fall into, and fall out of.  According to this idea, love is a relatively passive
experience, one that is largely out of our control.  Many philosophers, however, do not see
love in this way; the purpose of this course is to explore the varieties of thought on love while
we reevaluate our own.  We will read and discuss Plato, Aristotle, the love letters of Heloise
and Abelard, sonnets and plays of Shakespeare, essays by French novelist Stendhal, among
others.  We will also draw on artistic representations of love for our discussion: paintings,
poetry, music, and film.  Students will be active participants in the course, frequently
contributing to discussion, writing weekly response papers, and each giving a short
presentation on an art piece of his or her choosing.