Collins Living Learning Center | Gender, Birth, and Power
L220 | 17324 | Laura Harrison

This course will examine the relationship between reproduction, sex, gender, and power.
Lectures, readings, and class discussion will explore the context in which contemporary
ideologies of reproduction have developed, and how these ideologies take shape and change
through time.  We will ask questions about gender, class, race and sexuality – for example:
What is a “normal” family?  Why are men’s parental roles so frequently contested?
Historically, what incentives/deterrents have emerged to encourage/discourage reproduction,
and how does this relate to race and class? To what extent do reproductive technologies
impact cultural norms of reproduction?  In what ways are women held responsible for fetal
health?  How might sexuality impact one’s reproductive choices?  We will address these
questions from an interdisciplinary perspective, drawing on feminist theory, history,
literature, sociology, and sexuality studies, as well as popular media sources such as
television, advertising, and film.