Communication and Culture | Topics in Performance and Culture (Topic: Experimental Film, Theater and Performance Art)
C414 | 27836 | Hawkins, J.

TuTh, 1:00 PM-2:15 PM, BH 247
Required film screening: W, 7:15 PM-10:15 PM, WY 015

Fulfills College A&H Requirement

Instructor: Joan Hawkins
Office: C2 211
Phone: 855-1548

In this class we’ll be looking at some of the intersections between
Experimental Theater, Film and Performance Art of the last 50
years.  Screenings will include Jill Godmillow’s documentary of the
controversial staging of King Lear-as performed by Mabou Mines,
experimental renditions of Jean Genet’s “The Maids,” films by Andy
Warhol, Jean Genet and Sophie Calle; performance art by Adrian
Piper, Karen Finley, Laurie Anderson, Orlan, Ana Mendieta,  the
poets at the Nuyorican café, and Diamanda Galas; and experimental
cinema that ranges from the arty non-narrative films of Hans Richter
and Yoko Ono to the radical narratives of Beth B., Jennifer
Montgomery, Todd Haynes, Larry Fessenden, Amos Poe and the Brothers
Quay.  In addition to scheduled screenings, students will be
encouraged to attend several live performances outside class. Avant-
garde and experimental productions are often taboo-breaking works
that push the envelope on what’s considered acceptable—in terms of
both theme and style.  So be forewarned.  In the words of the Home
Film Festival Video catalogue, many of the works we’ll be seeing for
this class are “not for all tastes.”

Written work: a midterm, a comprehensive final exam, and 2 papers.

Required texts:
Selected essays and manifestoes on e-reserve
Greil Marcus, Lipstick Traces
Antonin Artaud, The Theater and Its Double
Jean Genet, The Maids