Communication and Culture | Seminar in Pedagogy in Communication and Culture (Topic: Instruction in Speech Communication for AIs)
C545 | 11780 | Gray, M.

Tu, 10:00 AM-12:30 PM, C2 272

Open to Graduates Only!

Instructor: Mary Gray
Office: C2 243
Phone: 855-4379

This course is intended to help graduate students become more
confident and effective educators by giving them some tools and
tricks of the trade and a sense of the demands of an academic
career.  This requires some familiarity with current critiques of
and prescriptions for higher education as well as with strategies
and techniques of effective teaching.  Teaching tips, in other
words, should not be understood as context-free formulae but rather
as cultural practices deeply embedded within long standing but
constantly shifting traditions, narratives, controversies, and
expectations.  Techniques have consequences and genealogies, often
regardless of the specific subject matter, and an effective critical
pedagogy entails a self- reflective understanding of those
consequences and genealogies.

Because the Department of Communication and Culture is motivated, in
part, by an effort to recover a central place within a Liberal Arts
curriculum for the study of human communication, much of our
discussion will center on the place and purpose of the Liberal Arts
in general — and communication in particular — in preparing citizens
to become active participants in contemporary public culture.

A consistent theme that will animate our conversations will be the
relationship between our scholarship and our teaching.  While
teaching is not a primary focus of graduate training our teaching
activities— during graduate school and beyond—consume a tremendous
portion of our time and energy and form no small part of our public
identities.  In this course, we will think about our scholarly
interests in relation to our teaching duties, and vice versa,
exploring the ways that they might not only be most fully integrated
but also the ways that they might nourish each other.