Comparative Literature | Narrative
C313 | 32452 | Herbert Marks

3 cr
TR 2:30-5:00
Meets Second 8-weeks only
Fulfills A & H Distribution Credit

This intensive course will look at a range of narrative strategies
(e.g., repetition, ambiguity, gapping, retrospection and
prospection, omission, reticence) in an attempt to better understand
how story tellers achieve their effects and why so much of our
thinking has recourse to narrative forms. Rather than attempt a
chronological survey of narrative modes in seven weeks, we shall
pursue these questions through close readings of one ancient text
(the Hebrew Bible), one classic novel by Dickens that is plotted as
a mystery, and one recent text that pushes the boundaries of
narrative technique (probably by Thomas Bernhard or W.G. Sebald). We
may also read one or two theoretical texts that consider the
relation of narrative to human memory as well as recent attempts to
explain the human reliance on narrative from an evolutionary

Written work: three short papers on set themes.