Cognitive Science | INTRO TO DYN SYS IN COG SCI
Q580 | 27975 | R. Beer

Cognitive Science ,  Intro To Dyn Sys in Cog Sci
Q580 ,  27975 ,  R. Beer


Fall, 2008; Tues/Thurs 2:30PM  3:45PM; RM.  EG 833

Concepts from dynamical systems theory are becoming increasingly
important in cognitive science, and the construction and evaluation
of dynamical models requires a thorough understanding of the
mathematical theory of dynamical systems in the same way that
computational models in cognitive science require a thorough
understanding of computation. This course provides such an
introduction to dynamical systems theory, with an emphasis on the
underlying mathematical ideas and tools. Although we will focus on
dynamical systems formed by sets of differential equations, we will
also cover discrete-time dynamical systems at several key points.
The course will begin with a comprehensive study of one and two-
dimensional systems and then proceed to the general case. At each
step, we will examine the limit sets, stabilities, phase portraits
and bifurcations that are characteristic of that dimension.
Throughout the course, applications drawn from a wide variety of
areas will be used to illustrate the mathematics. We will also make
heavy use of computer tools for analysis and visualization.