College of Arts and Sciences | Genetics, Eugenics, and Biotechnology
E104 | 17192 | Gliboff

COLL-E104 17192 Genetics, Eugenics, and Biotechnology (Sander
Gliboff) (S & H) (3 cr.)
9:05AM - 9:55AM MW
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This course is a history of the science of genetics, of scientistsí
visions for improving the human condition, and of the interplay
between the two.  It will show how developments in the laboratory
not only helped to inspire the humanistic visions but also drew
inspiration from them.  Topics will include the life and work of
Gregor Mendel, early Mendelism, ideas and policies for eugenics and
racial hygiene, the rise of molecular genetics and biotechnology,
and its real and promised applications.