College of Arts and Sciences | Islam, Oil, and Geopolitics
E104 | 17203 | Bovingdon

COLL-E104 17203 Islam, Oil, and Geopolitics (Gardner Bovingdon) (S &
H) (3 cr.)
2:30PM - 3:20PM TR
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The sudden collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 focused new
attention on the resource-rich and multi-ethnic states of Central
Asia.  The September 11 attacks made clear that political Islam and
state collapse were regional problems with global implications. This
course will introduce students to the history and modern politics
of "greater Central Asia," focusing on the Turco-Iranian countries
stretching from Azerbaijan to Kazakhstan but including Afghanistan,
Pakistan, and northwest China's Turkic and Islamic Xinjiang region
as well.  The course opens with the Russian conquest and the Anglo-
Russian "Great Game," then focuses on individual countries with
guest lectures by regional experts.  The course will examine trans-
border or regional issues (post-socialist economic transition,
disputes over energy, water, etc.), and close with global currents
such as Islamism and the post-Cold War rivalries among Russia,
China, and the United States.