Cultural Studies | Introduction to Japanese Film
C701 | 20391 | Suzuki

Studies in East Asian Literature: Introduction to Japanese Film

Course Description:
This class does not require any prerequisites or Japanese language
This class carries Culture Studies credit and COLL A & H distribution
This class meets with EALC E300 and EALC E505

This lecture/discussion class is an introduction to Japanese film from
the early silent films to contemporary cinema. While exploring the
history of Japanese film and its social and cultural contexts, we
examine works by important directors (such as Mizoguchi, Kurosawa, Ozu
and Imamura), genres, themes and techniques. Particular areas of focus
include gender, war, memory, censorship, visuality and narrative.

Film screenings on Wed evenings are a mandatory part of the course and
students who are not able to attend this time slot in addition to the
T/Th scheduled class times will not be able to take this course.

Students will be evaluated on class attendance, discussion
participation, film reviews, essays, and exams.

Graduate students taking this course as EALC-E505 or CULS-C701(Special
topics in Cultural Studies) will be assigned an additional research
paper and oral presentation.