East Asian Languages and Cultures | Studies in East Asian Society: Japanese Families
E350 | 11962 | Cornell, Laurel

This class carries Culture Studies credit
This class carries COLL S & H distribution credit
This class open to undergraduates only

The question “Why Do Japanese Men and Women Have So Few Children?”
is the focus of this course. While most people believe that high
fertility --- women and men bearing many children --- is the major
world population problem, an increasing number of nations experience
the opposite problem ---- women and men bearing too few children to
reproduce the nation. This has consequences for gender roles, for
pressures on men and women to marry, for the elderly, and for the
economy. We will examine this question using readings from a variety
of fields including anthropology, sociology, gender studies,
economics, and demography, reading both about history and about
contemporary issues. The major requirement is a research project on
the question, which you will work on throughout the semester. You
will present this research in a visual format, such as a graphic