East Asian Languages and Cultures | Studies in East Asian History: The Pacific War: Words & Images (undergraduate section)
E352 | 30430 | Rubinger, Richard

This class carries Culture Studies credit
This class carries COLL S & H distribution credit
This class open to undergraduates only
This class meets with EALC-E 505 on this topic

The goal of the course this semester will be to understand aspects
of the Pacific War from the Japanese perspective.

We will use various written accounts, some of which are only now
coming out. We will also rely on documentary films.

The first half of the course will focus on a detailed narrative of
the progress of the war from its beginnings in 1931 in China until
the Japanese surrender in 1945. This will include geography of the
Pacific region, personalities of major players, and analyses of
military strategies.

The second half will focus on a number of key issues that students
will be asked to analyze and judge, such as the events leading up to
Pearl Harbor, Japanese strategy in the Pacific, preparations for
surrender, and the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal, the psychology of
kamikaze pilots, and views from the homefront. Throughout the
emphasis will be on Japanese perspectives although allied strategy
will be provided for comparative purposes.

There will be midterm and final examinations and occasional short
response papers.