East Asian Languages and Cultures | Fourth-Year Japanese I (undergraduate level)
J401 | 12018 | Tsujimura, Natsuko

This course open to undergraduates only.
This course meets with EALC-J 543.

Instruction will be given on the four skills of language—reading,
speaking, listening and writing—although emphasis will be placed on
reading and discussion of advanced materials.  The reading materials
throughout the course consist of authentic written pieces from a
wide variety of genres,such as short stories, newspaper articles,
essays,and segments from comic books.  Independent study habit is
essential as students are expected to look up words and expressions
on their own.  The course requirements include active participation
in in-class discussion, assignments, tests, presentations and a

Prerequisite:  Grade of C or better in J302 or equivalent
proficiency as determined by the EALC placement test.  Not suitable
for native speakers.