East Asian Languages and Cultures | Topics in Japanese Studies: Reading Modern and Contemporary Japanese Fiction (graduate section)
J505 | 27946 | Suzuki, Michiko

-This course open to graduates only
-Language Prerequisite: Grade of C or higher in J302/534 or
equivalent proficiency as determined by the instructor
-This course meets with EALC-J491

This course is for advanced undergraduates and graduate students.
Students will read modern and contemporary Japanese fiction in the
original language, work on translations and write short essays in
Japanese and English. The course will focus on stylistics and
rhetoric analysis, and require students to read a variety of
contemporary short stories in order to understand different styles
of written Japanese (such as regional dialects, specific genres,
gender and class differences, etc). By analyzing language use in
modern and contemporary literature, students will advance their
Japanese language ability while learning various methods of literary

This course counts for credit as a Japanese language course (4th
year level or above). Students will be evaluated on class
attendance, class participation, translation assignments, tests, and
essays in Japanese and English.