East Asian Languages and Cultures | Third Year Korean 1
K301 | 12031 | Lee, Hyo Sang

3 credits
Prerequisite: grade of C or higher in K202 or equivalent proficiency
based on EALC placement test
Graduate and Undergraduate section

The objective of this course is to equip students with advanced
communicative skills in Korean, in speaking, reading, and writing;
the course will deal with more complex communicative transactions,
e.g., distinguishing among facts, beliefs, various kinds of
judgments; conveying thoughts on propositional contents; quoting
other people’s sayings, challenging, and giving feedback; and
commenting on other people’s ideas and beliefs. Besides being able
to give a factual report or narration, students are expected to
enhance skills, through frequent reading and writing exercises, in
producing evaluative reports or narrative. Chinese characters may be