English | Milton
L318 | 28033 | Judith Anderson

Judith Anderson

28033 - 11:15a-12:30p TR (30 students) 3 cr., A&H

Close study of Milton’s major poems–-Paradise Lost, Paradise
Regained, and Samson Agonistes.  Emphasis will be on the special
relation of meaning to method in Milton’s poetry, with attention to
the historical context of his religious, social, and political
ideas.  We’ll also read and discuss a number of Milton’s shorter and
earlier poems–his sonnets and “Lycidas,” for example–-and some of
his prose writings, such as Areopagitica, his tract defending the
freedom to publish, since the prose texts cast light on his major
poetic achievements.  There will be two papers, an hour exam, and a
comprehensive final, in addition to other assignments of a more
occasional sort.