English | Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Drama
L328 | 28035 | Richard Nash

Richard Nash

28035 - 2:30p-3:45p TR (30 students) 3 cr., A&H

This course will devote most of its attention to a very brief and
important period (the reign of Charles II) and pay attention
primarily to comedy and satire.  In  doing so, we will take more
seriously than is often done the intense relationship between a
particular literary genre (drama) and a moment of decisive
transformation in the political state (the restoration and
completion of traditional monarchy and the rise of the modern
political state).  Because of this double focus, students will be
expected to read many plays, and also to read supplementary
historical readings.  Students will be responsible for one short
review essay, written in conjunction with a group presentation about
a third of the way through the semester; and one long paper by
semester's end.  There will be attention to other genres and
periods, but they will be supplementary to our main consideration,
which will be focused on a richer understanding of the complexities
of the Restoration culture of satiric comedy, and its various
consequences and legacies.