English | Critical Practices
L371 | 12594 | Judith Anderson

Judith Anderson

12594 - 2:30p-3:45p TR (30 students) 3 cr., A&H

Restricted to Huttons Honors students who are English majors.

This course focuses on some of the landmarks of modern,
theoretically informed critical practice.  It also includes a number
of landmarks from the past that both underlie and continue to orient
the present. Sample topics are language and representation;
modernism and postmodernism; ideology, tradition, and
deconstruction; subjectivity, gender, and the body. Where possible,
we’ll integrate brief literary texts with theoretical ones, testing
them against one another.  Writing will include a midterm, a final,
and numerous other assignments, ranging from formal essays to more
casual but frequent, regularly scheduled written responses.
Attendance and participation will be expected and, in fact,
essential.  A course of this sort is challenging, engaging, time-
consuming; it can be a game-changer—more exactly, a mind-changer.