English | Writing Fiction
W301 | 18201 | Anthony Ardizzone

Anthony Ardizzone

18201 - 11:15a-12:30p TR (15 students) 3 cr.

PREREQUISITE:  Requires instructor's permission.

The basic idea behind this creative writing workshop is that
students learn best about writing fiction by writing and by
listening to others constructively and objectively discuss their
work in class.  Students also learn by talking about their work with
the instructor in conference and by rewriting.  The aims of the
course are to advance each individual studentís writing level and to
help students develop a sound critical sense about both the genre of
literary fiction as well as their own work.  In addition to
submitting at least two short stories or novel chapters
(approximately 40-45 pages), students will read, critique, and
discuss each other's creative work as well as the course's texts.
The class will also discuss working habits and the writing process,
examine several examples of contemporary fiction, write some
technical analyses of contemporary fiction, and learn related
aspects of fictional craft and technique.

If youíre interested in enrolling in this workshop, please send me
an email containing the following information:   (1) a list of your
previous creative writing courses along with your instructorís name
and the semester in which you took the course, (2) a representative
sample of your work (10-15 pages), and (3) any other information
about yourself and/or your writing that you think pertinent.  Iíll
notify you about authorization within a day or two after receiving
your email.  I look forward to reading your fiction and working with
you next semester.

Send your email to ardizzon@indiana.edu

Required texts:  TBA