English | Advanced Fiction Writing
W401 | 18202 | Bob Bledsoe

Bob Bledsoe

18202 - 1:00p-2:15p TR (15 students)3 cr.
Bob Bledsoe

PREREQUISITE:  W301; Requires permission of instructor.

In addition to following the traditional fiction workshop structure,
W401 will begin with a fair amount of reading; short stories (and
perhaps a novel) by those considered masters of the genre.  We will
also take a look at several craft books.  I will expect you to put
your analytical skills to use in reading like a writer and taking
stories apart according to their craft elements.  I will ask you to
write a few short creative assignments, and analytical essays in
addition to writing two stories to share in workshop.

Students should send a brief email "cover letter" (it shouldn't be
more than a paragraph or so) outlining previous writing courses as
well as your interest in this course in particular, along with 10-20
pages of what you consider to be your best writing.  Ideally, this
should be a "finished" story, not a fragment; something with a
beginning, middle, and an end, but I will surely consider whatever
you'd like to send.

Please be sure to include your name, student id#, phone number in
your email.  (I ask for this information so the creative writing
secretary can clear you in the system for registration).

I look forward to your materials and to an exciting course.

Please send materials to: robledso@indiana.edu