English | Writing Poetry
W513 | 20430 | Bowman

W513  20430  BOWMAN
Writing Poetry

5:45p  8:30p W


W513: Writing Poetry is a graduate class for students interested in
writing poetry but who are not MFA Creative Writing Students in
poetry.  Students in the MFA CW in fiction, English department
graduate students working toward an M.A. or the Ph.D., as well as
graduate students outside the English department and nondegree
seeking students are eligible to enroll in the course.

In this course we will practice and explore the writing process,
craft, the elements for creating a poem. We will focus on the ways
in which the eye, the ear, the imagination, passion and intellect
converge and intermingle with exacting language and formal attention
to create or make a poem. We will focus on exactitude, speed,
compression, displacement, music, image, and surprise. We will
explore the musical charge of language, the textures of language and
the line beyond the straight ahead dictionary meaning, the layered
connotations of words, the exacting image.  This course will
experiment with the various forms of poetry, looking at the music-
making, bodily aspects of the poem, exploring the poem's roots in
dance and song.  Well try out traditional structures and stanza
forms.  We will explore the line, syntax, rhetoric, diction, music
and metrical forms.  We will venture into the worlds of the free
verse line. We will also watch some films and look at other art
forms. Ill most likely assign an anthology,  several poetry
collections, and a packet of essays. The class will be conducted in
a workshop format focusing on the poems you write each week

Students currently enrolled in the graduate program in fiction have
automatic acceptance into the course; however, they should notify
the instructor well in advance of registration to insure that
they'll have a seat in the class. For those not in the MFA program,
admission into this course is by permission of the instructor.
Interested students should submit a sample of their poetry (minimum
of five pages) along with name, email address, and a brief
description of their current interests and previous creative writing
experience to the instructor's mailbox in Ballantine Hall 442 or as
an attachment to cabowman@indiana.edu.