English | Teaching Creative Writing
W554 | 12809 | Dorsey

W554  12809  DORSEY
Teaching Creative Writing

9:00a – 11:00a T


W554 is a practicum course in teaching creative writing at the
undergraduate level. Through reading and experience we will explore
the creative process as well as the assumptions and practices unique—
and not so unique—to creative writing classes. We will consider
invention, revision, and assessment; craft and content; various
approaches to workshop; the role of reading in a writing life;
authority; and writer-teacher / student-writer dynamics. We will
reflect on the changing concerns of the maturing writer, exploring
how teaching and writing lives coexist at the graduate level and
beyond as well as explore current takes on the writer in the
academy. Work for the course includes several brief response papers
to course texts; a written review and presentation of a writing text
of your choosing; developing several annotated lesson plans and
writing exercises for W103 sections; making observation visits to
two creative writing classes; and developing a syllabus and
supporting materials for a 200-level undergraduate creative writing