English | Writing Fiction 1
W611 | 20544 | Ardizzone

W611 20544 ARDIZZONE
Writing Fiction 1

2:30p  5:30 p T


The underlying idea behind this fiction workshop is that students
learn best about writing by writing, by discussing their work with
the instructor in conference, by listening to others constructively
discuss their work in class, and then by rewriting and revising.  A
minimum of 50-65 pages of work, which may include significant
revisions of previously written work, will be required of each
student over the semester.  Students will also be required to read
and to respond sensitively to the other fiction submitted to the
workshop.  Students may submit short stories, novellas, or novel
excerpts.  Copies of each manuscript will be returned to the writer,
fully critiqued by the other students and the instructor.  Students
will also read, discuss, and write responses to the required course

Recommended reading prior to the semester: The Art of Fiction, by
John Gardner; and Writing in General and the Short Story in
Particular, by Rust Hills.

Required course texts: Mystery and Manners: Occasional Prose, by
Flannery O=Connor; and a second text to be announced.

All fiction writers enrolled in the graduate creative writing
program are automatically admitted to the workshop.  Once these
students have been placed, any remaining openings may be given to
qualified applicants from outside the program.  Interested students
should contact the instructor by leaving him a note in the English
department mailroom (Ballantine 442) or through e-mail