English | Theory and Craft of Writing
W680 | 28107 | Upadhyay

W680  28107  UPADHYAY
Theory & Craft of Writing

9:30a – 10:45a TR



In this course we will explore the (short) novel, mostly by writing
it but also by reading—--in part or whole—-novels of varied
aesthetics, as well as Jane Smiley’s 13 Ways of Looking at the Novel
as a guide to the form. Each student will workshop an entire novel,
albeit a short one (100 to 125 pages) in deference to the semester’s
time limitation. You may also be asked to do a presentation on a
novel that has inspired you and might serve as your model.

As the novel is a challenging form, this course presupposes a basic
mastery of the fundamental aspects of fiction, so we will not be
spending time on how to construct scenes, or how to write an
effective setting. I will assume that you’re already a skilled
writer, and that you’re taking this course because you’re a serious
practitioners who are finally ready to tackle fiction’s big kahuna.

I will be uploading various novel chapters/section on OnCourse, and
some complete novels I am presently considering are (this could
change by the time the course starts):

Cormac McCarthy, The Road.
Dan Chaon, Await Your Reply
Bernhard Schlink, The Reader
Gabrial Garcia Marquez, Chronicle of a Death Foretold.
Heinrich Boll, The Clown
E.M. Forster, A Passage to India.

To obtain permission, please email to supadhya@indiana.edu a note
describing your qualification and experience as a writer or fiction
and your interest in the course. Also attach a 15-20 page fiction

Students enrolled in the course will receive an email from me by the
end of May about how they can prepare for the course.