Fine Arts | Problems in Early Christian Art - Rome in the Early Middle Ages
A621 | FINA | Bassett, Sarah

This seminar will trace the fortunes of the city of Rome and its
artistic traditions from the late third-century period of the
Tetrarchy through the ninth-century Carolingian era.   It will
examine the history and topography of the city, observing its
transformation from the capital of the Roman Empire to a major
center of Christian administration and pilgrimage by means of the
manipulation of the urban architectural setting and the visual
traditions that informed that setting on the part of imperial,
episcopal, and monastic communities.  The relationship between past
and present will be considered through the examination of the urban
infrastructure and the questions of architectural reuse and revival
that they raise.   Also pertinent will be the role of populations
indigenous and foreign in shaping the city’s visual culture.