French and Italian | Reading & Expression in French
F300 | 13059 | Calhoun, Alison

The Rebel in French Literature.  A scandalous monk castrated by his
lover’s father, an ex-con writing from the streets of Paris, cruel
aristocrats playing ruthless games with their sexual partners, and a
murderer indifferent about his crime. These are among some of the
rebellious authors or defiant characters we will explore in this
course. Through close readings and film, we will become intimately
familiar with the ways in which these rebels break away from
established laws both in society and in writing. As a thematic
introduction to French literature, our readings from diverse genres
(novel, theater, diary, poetry, short story, letters) will come from
Pierre Abelard’s _Histoire de mes malheurs_, poems by François
Villon, Marguerite de Navarre’s _Heptameron_, Pierre Choderlos de
Laclos’s _Liaisons dangereuses_, poems by Charles Baudelaire, poems
by Arthur Rimbaud and Albert Camus’ _L’Etranger_. Two films will also
be part of our corpus: Frear’s _Dangerous Liaisons_ and Visconti’s
_The Stranger_. Course taught in French. Prerequisite: F250, F255,
F265, or consent of department. Fulfills A & H requirement.