French and Italian | Reading & Expression in French
F300 | 22967 | Okamoto-Macphail, Aiko

This course offers a general introduction to French literature and
provides reading strategies in poetry, theater, and fiction. We will
start the semester with lyric poems from the anthology _Poesie et
lyrisme_ edited by Bertrand Darbeau and each student will present a
brief expose and compose a short essay.  After the poems we read a
play from the nineteenth century _Un chapeau de paille díItalie_ by
Eugene Labiche.  Then we continue to two prose works both from the
nineteenth century: a short prose with _La legend de Saint Julien
líHospitalier_ by Gustave Falubert, and a longer prose with _Adolphe_
by Benjamin Constant.  We end the semester with the 17th-century play
_Phedre_ by Jean Racine and study the classic verse of alexandrine
with which this play is written.   The course grade will be based on
oral presentations, short and long essays and active and continuous
class participation.  Prerequisite: F250, F255, F265, or consent of
department.   Conducted in French.  Fulfills A & H requirement.