French and Italian | Advanced Grammar
F313 | 13062 | Vantine, Peter

This course is the first half of the grammar and composition sequence
F313-314. The course is designed to review major grammar points
learned previously while also expanding studentsí understanding of
more advanced aspects of French grammar in order to strengthen their
skills in oral and written comprehension and expression. It is
intended to prepare students for more advanced culture and literature
courses at the F300 and 400 levels that are reading-intensive and
require extensive writing.

We will use a grammar manual and workbook (Ollivier, _Grammaire
francaise_), a grammar reference book (Hawkins, _French Grammar and
Usage_), and some supplemental by materials from French and
Francophone culture such as newspaper or magazine articles and short
literary works or excerpts. Grades will be based on daily preparation
and participation, a few short writing assignments, and several tests
(including a final exam). Prerequisite: F250.