French and Italian | French-Based Pidgins & Creoles
F679 | 27550 | Rottet, Kevin

This course surveys the literature and important topics concerning
the fascinating group of contact languages known as pidgins and
creoles. What do linguists mean by the terms "pidgin" and "creole"?
How did these languages come about and in what kinds of historical
settings? What is their relationship to French (or another colonial
language)? Can creoles be defined as a synchronic language type, or
is the category only a sociohistorical one? What linguistic
structures are commonly found in creoles and how did they acquire
these features (e.g. TMA markers, serial verbs, bimorphemic
interrogatives, predicate clefting, ideophones)? The course meets in
conjunction with LING L636. Students enrolled in F679 will focus
particularly on French-based pidgins and creoles, though data will
also be drawn from English- and Portuguese based varieties, among