French and Italian | Italian Teaching Practicum
M572 | ALL | Ryan-Scheutz, Colleen

Instructors of Italian develop, practice, and evaluate the
effectiveness of pedagogical approaches and materials. They create
and discuss a variety of assessments for evaluating language skills
and cultural knowledge for intermediate-level courses. May be
repeated once for credit. Above class graded on S/F basis only.

20449 W 2:30-3:30 BLKH 200 for M150 instructors
20450 W 3:35-4:35 BLKH 200 for M250 instructors
20451 W 4:40-5:40 BLKH 200 for M200 instructors
20452 W 5:45-6:45 BLKH 200 for M100 instructors