Geology | Analytical Geochemistry
G444 | 28225 | Elswick

place: GY245 (lectures) GY410 (labs)

Methods in Analytical Geochemistry is designed as an overview of
basic collection and preparation of water, soil and rock samples for
elemental analysis by analytical geochemical techniques used in
environmental and exploration geology, as well as, geochemical

Course participant evaluation is based on: a) bi-weekly lab book
evaluations (including write-ups, data plots, analytical accuracy,
and neatness) [50%]; b) participation in summary lab/classroom/field
discussions [20%]; c) evaluation of a final, three-page, method
write-up [30%]*.

Graduate students taking the class for G690 (graduate credit) will
have an additional written assignment due after GSA week (TBA),
which is factored into the final written assignment.

Website with resources for G444/G690: This website is a work in
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