Global Village Living-Learning Center | Music and Medicine
G220 | 29824 | David Lewis

(3 cr.) (S & H) (TR) (11:15 am - 12:30 pm) David Lewis.
Music and medicine have long been intertwined phenomena, and have
recently become even more closely linked in the United States with
the emergence of the fields of music therapy and the medical
humanities.  In this class we will examine the ways in which music
is embedded in medical systems around topics as diverse as religious
healing, drug use, end-of-life care, genocide, autism, and
HIV/AIDS.  Each case study will include perspectives from a number
of fields, including, biomedicine, ethnomusicology, anthropology,
Western musicology, public health, and music therapy.  In addition,
our case studies will take us as far away as Malawi and Malaysia,
while also including music-making from within the United States.  We
will examine these case studies against larger questions of efficacy
in cross-cultural applications of musical therapies as well as the
ways in which theoretical and disciplinary orientation affect the
scope and aims of medical and musical research