Global Village Living-Learning Center | Intro to the Global Village
Q199 | 17148 | Caldarera, Lauren

(1 cr.) (TBA) Caldarerea, Lauren.  P: Residence in the Global
Village. The purpose of the course is to introduce students to life
in the Village, the people you will be living with, the myriad of
topics related to living in a global society and IUs international
resources. Through class discussions led by peer instructors, Q
seeks to engage students in conversation about world affairs, create
an environment of mutual respect, and inspire students to think
about their own role in the international community, both on campus
and abroad. Ultimately, the goals of Q199 are to provide a forum
where students can share their interest in the world beyond the
United States and create a sense of community around those
interests. NOTE: Students will sign up for a specific section at the
Global Village prior to the start of the semester