Spanish and Portuguese | Second-Year Spanish I
S200 | 13355-13360 | Staff

HISP-S 200 Second Year Spanish I    (3 credits)
Prerequisite: HISP-S 105 or HISP-S 150 or equivalent.

This course reviews some of the basic structures studied in the
first year, and examines them in greater detail. Emphasis remains on
the four skills and on critical thinking skills. Short literary
readings are also included. Grades are based on exams, homework,
compositions, participation, attendance, and a cumulative final
exam. Homework load is substantial. The next course in this sequence
is HISP-S 250 Second-Year Spanish II.

See schedule of classes at Registrarís web page:
Click on Calendars and Schedules, then Schedule of Classes, then
fall 2010 for active class numbers, times and days for this
semester.  We are listed under HISP.

Note:  There will be four sections of S200 doing a pilot program
with different books.  These four classes are for students who only
need to fulfill their foreign language requirement through the 3rd
semester proficiency (HISP-S 200) and do not plan to continue in
Spanish after this course.  Be sure not to register for one of these
specific sections if you plan to move on and take HISP-S 250. Those
sections are #13350, 13354, 13361, 13367.