Spanish and Portuguese | Introduction to Hispanic Literature
S328 | 21692 | Professor Luis Dávila

HISP-S 328 Introduction to Hispanic Literature (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  S280 or S310 or equivalent.

Close readings of major poets from Spanish America and Spain. A
short novel by Fuentes, as well as short stories by writers such as
Cortázar and Borges, Rulfo and Matute, and Don Juan Manuel will be
included. A play by Usigli on the Mexican Revolution shall also be
considered. Numerous oral and written exercises will be assigned,
with active participation from all in Spanish the norm. This course
carries the culture studies and arts and humanities distribution.

APROXIMACIONES edited by Friedman et. al.
AURA by Carlos Fuentes
EL GESTICULADOR by Rudolfo Usigli
Hand-outs of various other works will also be distributed.

Note:  For students who matriculated fall 2009 or before, credit
given for only two of these:  S328, S331, S332, or S333.  If you
have already taken two of these three courses, S331, S332, S333,
then DO NOT take S328.  Have questions?  Call the department at
(812) 855-8612 or e-mail

HISP-S 328 #21692  11:15A-12:05P  MWF  BH 135  Prof. Luis Dávila