Spanish and Portuguese | Panoramas of Hispanic Literature
S334 | 27926-27927 | Professor Alejandro Mejías-López

HISP-S 334  Panoramas of Hispanic Literature  (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  S328 or equivalent.

This section of S334 will offer an introduction to the history of
Latin American literature in Spanish.  The course is structured as a
survey spanning several time periods and literary movements.
Students will read, analyze, and discuss a broad selection of texts
by canonical authors in a variety of genres (fiction and non-fiction
prose, poetry, and drama) paying particular attention to their
historical and literary context.  This course aims to help students
further improve their analytical skills as well as their writing and
speaking abilities in Spanish.  In addition to the critical reading
of literary texts, course assignments will include presentations,
short papers, and exams.  Class will be conducted entirely in

This class carries the culture studies and arts and humanities

Note:  For students who matriculated fall 2009 or before, credit
given for only two of these:  S328, S331, S332, or S333.  If you
have already taken two of these three courses, S331, S332, S333,
then DO NOT take S328.  Have questions?  Call the department at
(812) 855-8612 or e-mail

HISP-S 334  #27926  1:00P-2:15P  TR  BH 244
Prof. Alejandro Mejías-López

HISP-S 334  #27927  4:00P-5:15P  TR  BH 146
Prof. Alejandro Mejías-López