Spanish and Portuguese | Spanish America: The Cultural Context
S412 | 17303 | Professor Deborah Cohn

HISP-S412 Spanish America:  The Cultural Context (3 credits) ELECTIVE
Prerequisite:  Completed one course from S324, S328, S331, S333 or

Title of course section:  “Revolutions and Revolutionary Politics”

This course will draw on historical, literary, and visual texts to
provide an overview of several key moments in 20th-century Spanish
American culture and history, including:  the Mexican Revolution and
its aftermath; the Cuban Revolution; and, in Chile, the presidency
of Salvador Allende, the coup d’etat that ended it, and the
dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.  We will study the utopian
discourses associated with these moments and movements, as well as
the violence, repression, and failure that accompanied or, in some
cases, followed them.  We will read novels and short stories and
will also analyze visual images and films.  Students will be
evaluated on the basis of class participation, presentations, short
writing assignments, exams, and a final research project.

HISP-S 412  #17303  2:30P-3:45P  TR  SB 321   Prof. Deborah Cohn
Note:  This course carries Culture Studies Credit and Arts and
Humanities credit.