Spanish and Portuguese | Hispanic Drama
S418 | 27929 | Professor Estela Vieira

HISP-S 418 Hispanic Drama (3 credits)  		   LITERATURE
Prerequisite:  For students matriculating prior to Fall 2010: You
must have completed two of the following:  S328, S331, S332, S333,
or S334.   For students matriculating Fall 2010 or after:  You must
have completed one of the following,  S328, S331, S332, S333, or
S334; Must have completed one of these S324 or S326 and must have
completed one additional 300-level Spanish course

This course offers an introduction to Hispanic drama from the
Spanish Golden Age to twentieth-century Spanish America. The focus
of the course is the role of women in theater and society. We will
read a variety of plays whose protagonists are strong, complex, and
often subversive women, and scrutinize their assigned roles, both
fictional and real. We will consider the textual as well as the
theatrical aspects of each play, and study the social, political,
and historical contexts while developing an understanding of the
relationship between gender and drama in the Hispanic tradition.
Grades will be based on midterm and final exams, short writing
assignments, readings, class discussions, and classroom staging and

HISP-S  418  #27929  10:10A-11:00A   MWF  BH 018  Prof. Estela Vieira
Note:  This course carries A & H credit.
Note:  This class meets jointly with HISP-S 498 Readings for
Honors, #13408.