Spanish and Portuguese | Spanish Phonetics
S425 | 13406 | Professor Erik Willis

HISP-S 425  Spanish Phonetics  (3 credits)           LINGUISTICS
Prerequisite:  S326 or equivalent.

This course studies on the sound system of Spanish.  Topics include
the articulatory system, the characteristics and description of
Spanish sounds, the patterns of Spanish sounds, the historical
development of modern Spanish from Latin and the variation of the
Spanish sound system.  Attention will also be given to differences
between Spanish and English sounds.  A secondary goal of the course
is a more native-like pronunciation as a result of a deeper
understanding of how the Spanish sound system works.  Course
evaluation is based on homework assignments, a class project and
presentation, and three exams.

HISP-S 425  #13406  9:05A-9:55A  MWF   BH 335    Prof. Erik Willis
Note:  This class carries N & M credit.