Spanish and Portuguese | The Acquisition of Spanish
S430 | 21711 | Professor Kimberly Geeslin

HISP-S 430  The Acquisition of Spanish (3
credits)                                                 LINGUISTICS
Prerequisite:  S326 or equivalent

This course provides an introduction to the basic principles of the
acquisition of Spanish. Concepts such as interlanguage, error
analysis, stages of development, language transfer and language
universals will be explored. The course will also trace development
from Behaviorist theories to more current approaches such as
Cognitivist, Functionalist and Variationist approaches to learner
language. The focus of the class will be on learners of Spanish and
all application activities will include examples of second language
Spanish. Time will be dedicated to the analysis of structures that
present challenges to learners from all levels of grammar. Class
time will be divided in lectures, discussion, and practical hands-on
activities designed to apply theoretical knowledge to practice.
Students will be evaluated based on participation, in-class and
homework activities, examinations, and a final project.

HISP-S 430  #21711  11:15A-12:05P  MWF  BH 247 Prof. Kimberly Geeslin
Note:  This class carries N & M credit.
This class meets jointly with HISP-S 498, Readings for
Honors, #13409.